The following is a list of conditions in which Mr Reay-Jones has a specialist interest and surgical expertise in treating:

Bowel cancer- colon and rectum Colon and rectal polyps
Diverticular disease Crohn`s disease
Ulcerative colitis Appendicitis
Bowel obstruction Rectal prolapse
Haemorrhoids (piles) Anal fissure
Anal fistula and anal abscess Anal incontinence
Pilonidal sinus Gallstones

Not all patients with these conditions will necessarily need surgery. However in some conditions, for example bowel cancer, surgery may be the only chance of cure.

Once a diagnosis has been reached then Mr Reay-Jones would be in a position to recommend the appropriate treatment for that condition.

If the recommended treatment was surgery then Mr Reay-Jones would be able explain in detail the risks, benefits and potential complications from the surgical procedure involved. It must always be remembered that for any individual patient these risks, benefits and complications are unique and should be discussed fully with that patient.

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