Some diseases of the bowel require major surgery. This will involve removing the diseased segment of the bowel then rejoining the bowel together. Occasionally it will be necessary to form either a colostomy or ileostomy (bag) but this is not the case in most patients.

Major bowel surgery requires careful preoperative planning and explanation. Often this will mean a series of tests to give as much information as possible before the procedure. This will help to plan the operation and predict the outcome of surgery. In cases of major bowel surgery most patients would be in hospital between 10-14 days.

Conditions that may require a major operation:

Bowel cancer Complicated Diverticular disease
Bowel obstruction Ulcerative Colitis
Crohn`s disease

What happens?
  Admission to hospital the day before surgery for treatment as an in-patient
  Preparation for surgery with antibiotics and bowel cleansing
  General anaesthetic
  The operation
  Post-operative recovery
  Re-introduction of fluids and food and then return of bowel function
  Gradual increase in mobility until fit for discharge
  Final results available of specimens removed for analysis at the time of surgery
  Planning of any further post-operative treatment
  Discharge from hospital with a plan of follow up and any further treatment
  Review in the out-patient clinic to ensure that recovery is satisfactory